Intellectual Wellness

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Intellectual Wellness is the ability to engage in creative and stimulating mental actives. Intellectual Wellness allows a person to expand their knowledge and skills. A person is able to value many experiences, think independently, and having a strong desire to learn.

People who are intellectually well are open to new ideas, seek out new challenges, and think critically. They are able to take what they learn in the classroom and outside the classroom to enhance their potential for living a more fulfilling life.

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What can be done to increase intellectual wellness

  • Trust ability to make good decisions
  • Travel to places that interest you
  • Value learning and never stop
  • Read more; books, newspapers, and magazines
  • Think critically, don’t trust everything you hear, make your own conclusions
  • Manage time
  • Form good study skills

Time management skills

  • Set goals and priorities
  • Set deadlines
  • Break bigger projects into mini ones
  • Organize
  • Make a plan
  • Delegate tasks
  • Anticipate the unexpected
  • Keep a calendar/planner
  • Schedule personal time

Study Skills

  • Good study environment
  • Limit distractions
  • Take Notes
  • Plan study time
  • Don’t cram
  • Use the SQ3R method
    • Survey – get the general idea of the topic
    • Question – ask questions about topic
    • Read – actively read, read to answer questions
    • Recite- Take breaks from reading and recall what you have read
    • Review – review what you have read and what you should have covered




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